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Numerous experts in the Diamond District in Manhattan claimed it must be fake, that no diamond changes color like this naturally!
They were wrong, GIA cert proves it... Thus we know there is no other "known diamond like this one" - you can own the only one of its kind
This Rock is for the True Lover or wise investor. Beautiful round brilliant 2.93 carat "GOLD" Natural Colored Diamond! Good polish and symmetry. Colored diamonds are rare. Diamonds with THREE colors--yellow, green and brown--that manifest into brilliant gold are beyond rare and priceless. Serious inquiries only. In gemological terms, it is a "fancy dark brown greenish yellow" color grade with "medium greenish yellow" fluorescence. Of course, when you mix yellow, green and brown, you get gold! It is incredible how it sparkles and shines gold in the sunshine. Truly one of a kind!

I took a trip to the diamond district in Manhattan and did other research proving this is an extremely unusual diamond

I was told by numerous experts that this could NOT be a real and untreated diamond because it turns gold (and sometimes green)

That No diamond does that without being treated or "colored".
Then took to GIA and had certified - it is real and natural.
So, it's a fit for right auction where two people want the only diamond in the world that does that and is Not Treated.

Below is a link to the video which, while not professionally shot, does show the phenomenal color changes.
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